Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jesus May Have Had A Wife?

Boston - CAMBRIDGE -- A Harvard professor has identified what appears to be a scrap of fourth century Egyptian papyrus that contains the first known explicit reference to Jesus as married, a discovery that could fuel the millennia-old debate about priestly celibacy in the Catholic church. The fragment, which has been preliminarily authenticated but still must undergo further testing, portrays Jesus as referring to a woman as his legitimate disciple -- most likely his wife, whom the text’s author probably believed to be Mary Magdalene.

 Oh Jesus, has anyone gotten word to the US Embassy in Israel? Is everyone ok?...Oh wait, hold on... What's that? Radical Christians haven't rioted and aren't causing physical harm to innocent people over a liberal US professor going around saying things that directly refute dogma believed true for millenniums? That's odd...I kinda just assumed that was the standard response anytime someone says something about your religion that you don't take kindly too...

PS: Just to prove not all Muslims are militant savages with no sense of humor, check out the #MuslimRage topic on Twitter, some real gems like: