Monday, March 12, 2012

Yesterdays Celtics V. Lakers Game: Reliving Game 7 and the Perkins Trade All Over Again

Look, I don't want to have to discuss yesterdays horrible, horrible Celtics loss at length, it'll just get me upset again, but I've got to at least mention it. 

Up six with a minute and a half to go the Celts absolutely collapsed. And I could have accepted it if Kobe pulled out some late game heroics and took over for the last minute, it's a role he's often played in his career and a role he lives for, but that's not what happened here. What happened here was a young, physical beast of a center, absolutely abusing the C's 36 year old, out of position and physically over matched power forward, who at this point in his career should in no way be subjected to guarding one of the leagues only elite offensive centers late in the game.  It was a GIGANTIC mismatch, and the Lakers took advantage of it. 

And I want to move on, I really do, but you can chalk this loss up on the shoulders of the horrendously shortsighted Kendrick Perkins trade. So thanks for that Danny Ainge. Yet another data point in favor of a team holding on to a young, elite defensive center...not like it's a scarce position or anything.  And while I thought the implications of the trade last year were a bit crazy (relying on a soon to be retired, oft injured, Shaq to eat up serious minutes in the post down the stretch run), I think the long term ones you're seeing now are even worse...It's almost as if no thought was put into implications beyond last season...that guys who can handle 7 foot centers, 1 on 1, and provide the defensive toughness the team was known for grow on trees or something. Asinine. 

So again, thanks for that. Reliving the Game 7 loss of a few years ago was pretty high on my list for yesterday, rounded out a nice little Sunday for myself.  God, I really hope this team lures Dwight, somehow, someway.