Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indonesian Lawmaker Quits After Getting Caught Watching Porn In Parliament

JAKARTA - An Indonesian lawmaker quit politics Monday after he was caught watching pornography on his tablet computer during a parliament session.  Arifinto was photographed watching porn on his computer in parliament on Friday. The lawmaker said he had opened a link in an email sent to him from an anonymous person, adding it was not stored on his computer. Pornography is taboo in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation. The country was shocked in recent months by the internet publication of homemade sex videos involving three popular celebrities. And the Indonesian government in January threatened to close down the Blackberry phone service unless the company filtered porn sites for customers using the handsets.

Honestly, you have to feel a little bad for this guy here.  I mean it's not entirely his fault, no need to fall on the sword buddy.  He's a guy, the ability to hunt out and find porn is coded in our DNA, its genetic.  We're not even trying to find it half the time, we kind of just stumble upon it, like a compass pointing north.

Look at Father Time up above.  Guy probably never used a computer a day in his life, yet he walks into the Apple store, probably looking for fruit, and boom, guys an internet genius surfing the net for free porn.  It happens before you know it, and half the time you didn't even mean to find it.

Just this morning I was googleing for images related to a blog typed in something along the lines of pan handler, blogger and sue, and all of sudden the images were returning scandalously clad female bums, who happened to be strangely attractive.  So it really can happen to anyone.

The real person to blame here is the guy who took the photo. Who Narc's out a fellow politician? And like that guy's not at home right now slobbering over the photo? Come on.

Blogger Sues Huffington Post Seeking to Be Paid $105 Million for all the Free Blogs He Previously Agreed to Write.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A longtime Huffington Post blogger has filed a lawsuit against the site, its two co-founders and new owner AOL, seeking $105 million on behalf of himself and 9,000 other unpaid bloggers...Tasini says Arianna Huffington personally invited him to blog for the Huffington Post in 2005, shortly after the site launched. He subsequently wrote 216 unpaid posts for the site, though he stopped blogging after AOL (AOL) agreed to buy it on February 7. AOL's $315 million Huffington Post purchase served as the catalyst for the lawsuit. Tasini says HuffPo's 9,000 unpaid bloggers deserve a large cut of the windfall. "The value added by the content provided by [the unpaid bloggers] to's price was at least $105 million, none of which was shared," the legal complaint says....HuffPo bloggers, Tasini says, "are merely slaves on Arianna's plantation. We do all the work and she won't share a dime." A Huffington Post spokesman said "the lawsuit is without merit." He compared the site's unpaid bloggers with the "hundreds of people [who] go on TV shows to promote their views and ideas." He also pointed out bloggers can cross-post their work on other sites, and that the company does employ a full-time, paid staff as well.

Whoa, whoa. Easy Jonathan.  You kind of had me until you went off the reservation there with the "Slaves on Arianna's plantation" comment.  I mean, you're white bro.  You know how slavery worked here, right?

So that didn't help your case at all with me, but what sealed it is I realized that I'm in Arianna's position here and quite frankly if The Maestro or Dr. Jack came to me right now demanding $105 million for their "free" contributions, I'd 100% say no.   Like sorry guys, you knew the deal when you started.  Sure we may rake a few advertising dollars here and there,  enough for a medium sub and a fountain drink at subway, but that money can only stretch so far.  $105 million just seems unrealistic for a handful of contributions.

And sure HuffPo's situation may be a little different.  No giant media conglomerates have coming pounding on The Alt-Tab's door seeking to buy me out, yet anyway, but I can't help but feel that this still doesn't entitle Jonathan to jack shit.  

You knew the deal, you knew you were writing for free. Unless you were up in arms about not getting a cut of her advertising dollars before the deal you really don't have a case here.  Just a greedy individual seeking a quick payday, which I respect, I just don't agree with.  I'd sign up to blog for Huffpo the second they contact me, for free too.  What better way to build name recognition and a fan base for your own personal site?  It's no ones fault but your own if you didn't capitalize on writing for a site that attracts millions of readers monthly into hits for your own website. 

Elderly Mother Falls and Can't Get Up, Twin Sons Ignore Her Because the BCS Championship Game Was On

HOUSTON -- Twin Houston men were charged Tuesday with the murder of their 89-year-old mother after police say the pair allowed her to die on the floor in their foyer after she fell, then lived for three months with her decomposing, bug-infested corpse. Edwin Larry Berndt and his brother, Edward Christian Berndt, both 48, were arrested Monday when police went to check on Sybil Berndt, prompted by a neighbor who called to say the elderly woman had not been seen since January. The home was in "deplorable condition and smelled terribly," and the elderly Berndt was lying face down on the floor of the foyer, according to the documents. Sybil Berndt was dressed in a nightgown pulled up under her arms and was not wearing underwear. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and insects were crawling around it, the documents said. The brothers told police their mother had fallen and died, and that they didn't have enough money to bury her. They said they didn't call police because they didn't want to go to jail. Police searched the home and found bank statements from JP Morgan Chase totaling about $700,000, according to court documents...On Jan. 10, Edwin Berndt said he and his brother were watching the BCS Championship football game when their mother "came in ranting and raving and she then fell down and did not get up." He said they decided to leave her on the floor because they didn't have money to provide her with medical treatment. For the first day, Sybil Berndt was conscious and able to speak, but did not ask for any help, Edwin Berndt said. His brother said they didn't give her any food or water while she lay on the floor. Three days later, on Jan. 13, the elderly woman died, Edwin Berndt told police. He told them he remembered the date because it was a day after her 89th birthday.

No shit, my initial reaction to this was, "Oh, well they're from Texas."  Like I've just come to expect these kind of outside the realm of normal society stories from Texas.   I just feel like anything goes down there, as long as it takes place on your own property.  

I 100% wouldn't be shocked if nothing happens to these twins. I'm pretty sure in Mass they'd be checked in as wards of the state at some mental hospital. You can't necessarily bag them for murder, plus their mom apparently didn't ask for help, didn't want to interrupt the BCS Championship game, obviously.  Beyond that I'm not sure Texans have laws governing the cleanliness of their homes, or disposal of corpses.  It's literally the wild west.

Oh, and the Med-Alert (Help I've Fallen and I can't get Up!) people should be all over this in their next commercial, this broad would be alive today if she had one.  Plus the advertising practically writes itself:  

"Fallen and can't get up but don't want to interrupt your loved ones while they watch the big game? Med-Alert will get you back on your feet by half time, just in time to prepare your guests snacks."

Catchy, right?

Mass Special Interest Group Puts Up Billboard Urging Voter Identification, Rep's for Illegal Latinos Object.

She doesn't look Latino?

SOUTHBRIDGE - Latino advocates are blasting a billboard erected near a largely Latino district in Southbridge that demands voters show ID on Tuesday's special election primary for a Statehouse seat. The billboard, sponsored by Tea Party-connected groups Empower Massachusetts and Show ID to Vote, tells voters to "protect the integrity of the vote" and "show ID." The groups say they also will dispatch "poll observers" to monitor the 6th Worcester District House special primary Tuesday between incumbent state Rep. Geraldo Alicea and Joanne Powell, both Charlton Democrats, Alejandra St. Guillen, executive director of Oiste, a group that helps Latinos in Massachusetts run for office, says the billboard and the observers are meant to intimidate Latino voters.

Umm, yea you hit it right on the head Alejandra, this billboard is meant to intimidate Latino voters.  You know the ones that aren't registered citizens and legally allowed to vote? Yes it is meant to intimidate them from doing something illegal.   You must be, like, a legal scholar huh?  I can't believe you caught on to the sinister plan to keep undocumented people from taking part in our country's political process.

And please don't take this as CW's endorsement of those fanatical Tea Party loons.  Couldn't be farther from it.  I've just always been astounded by how loose our voter identification standards are.  I myself am a Jr. and as a result I've ran into situations where the two little old ladies keeping track of the registry have just assumed I was my father at first.  Because 18 year old CW looked exactly like his mid 40's father.  Seriously, I could have just voted twice and no one would have known.  

Plus it's not just latino's, white people are just as at fault.  I had one guy in a class back in college who proudly told us he'd voted no fewer than 3x times in the past 5 elections.  Like it wasn't a big deal.  Just found out the names of some older people, or others that he knew wouldn't vote and voted as them.  Vote early, vote often, right?

I need to show my ID when buying cough syrup and allergy meds at Stop & Shop, I think we as a society will be ok if we require citizens to provide a form of ID before voting for our elected officials.  I mean, just ask Lawrence if they want this, probably would have avoided this whole Willy Lantigua situation.