Friday, November 11, 2011

Know How I Know this Jesus Turns Water into Wine Video Is Fake?

Funny, but ultimately fake? Because no one, and I mean no one uses random water bubblers in parks any more...I'm pretty sure all the parks in my hometown just shut them off a few years ago, the last time I used one was probably 1994, during a heated battle of Can't Touch the Ground (CTG if it ever becomes a real sport) at a local play ground.  Somewhere along the way everyone just realized these things were like breeding grounds for super plagues, like Hep-C, Aids, and the Plague all mixed together...basically the equivalent of just putting your face in a bird bath and drinking. Would you do that? Hell no. And you shouldn't be drinking from public bubblers either. 

And if people drinking from bubblers wasn't enough proof, there's also the fact that no one freaked the fuck out on JC. I mean some homeless looking guy in the park comes up to you, blesses you, and poisons your water and you just stare? I can tell you for sure if that happened in real life Jesus would have a serious problem on his hands. I'm talking we'd find out real quick if he really can resurrect himself in 3 days because people would just not stand for this stuff in modern society.