Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Di Fara Pizzeria Closes After Health Violations, Supporters Really Upset

AOL - Famed pizzeria Di Fara has been shut down after racking up an impressive 67 code violations -- a failing grade. Fans of their pizza don't seem fazed, though, taking to their Facebook page to defend the place from the news. "You guys are the best....And I'm not just talking about the pizza....Good people...." said one poster. "Anxiously awaiting the reopening....

The special ingredient is crack, right? Crack sprinkled with the cheese? Gotta be it.  I've got to try one of these slices, need to get in contact with the head pizza master here to airmail me a slice or something, because I need to know what pizza would have to taste like for people to ignore 67 CODE VIOLATIONS...that's all the codes there is people, like that's 67 out of 67. That's unfathomable.

If I don't go into a state of orgasmic shock, after biting this slice, it's not worth it. People are absolutely crazy if you think I'm just going to be sitting in the corner of this place, enjoying a slice while spiders and roaches team up to battle rats for the title of cheese king of the mountain in the back of the kitchen, screw that (PS: the above scenario is entirely fictional, I don't know what the violations were, but there were 67 of them, I think its safe to make a joke about Rats battling Roaches in some kind of gladiator like contest). 

People realize its New York, right? Like you can walk a block and find another place that also claims to have the best slice in the city. Pizza and Coffee are in no short supply of "worlds bests" in NYC. No need to go exposing yourself to e-coli for one specific slice.