Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nikki Minaj and Her Pink Fried Chicken Necklace...Am I Allowed to Comment on This?

HuffPo - Nicki Minaj has done it again...This time, the look consisted of a pink fried chicken necklace.

Yea, its friend chicken and its dyed pink. Fucking crazy, right?

Is it cool if I make fun of this? I just don’t know where I stand, I mean on the one hand, I’m white, so I’m constantly afraid of saying something that’ll vilify me to the black community by accident. On the other hand, Nicki is wearing fried chicken around her neck. The hard hitting investigative blogger inside of me tells me to hammer away, but my gut just says let it go, there’ll be other jokes to tell.

In other discussions, what the hell is Nicki Minaj’s game? It’s not enough that you’ve stolen Lil Kim’s fire as the best female rapper alive, you’ve got to encroach Katy Perry/Lady Gaga territory with bizarro fucking outfits as well? That’s just selfish, and frankly, a little disorienting. Like, I know white people like a little bit of zany “artistic-ness” to their artists, so maybe she’s playing to that crowd, but do black people? I just can’t see this being something going over well at Big Momma’s dinner table, and I can't remember the last time I was by the Berkley School of Music area of Boston and saw any minorities looking like this...this kind of crazy is usually strictly reserved for white people with nothing better to do o r worry about. I'm just so confused.

Borderine going to draft an e-mail to my guy Dub J to get a proper scoop on this.