Monday, August 8, 2011

You Know What Revere Beach Needs? A Live Web Cam

Boston - The Revere Beach cam is located above the order window at Kelly's Roast Beef, 410 Revere Beach Boulevard. Kelly's is providing the Internet service and the great location that makes this cam possible.

Seriously, I'll tell you right know what we're going to see, and this is coming from a guy that actually doesn't mind Revere beach, so I'm not being some elitist snob here...

-Teeny boppers congregating at Kellys
-The cool kids hanging out under the grandstands
-Fat, leather skinned I-talian guys tanning on the sidewalk (a Revere beach phenomenon like no other)
-Drunks ordering cheese fries at Kelly's at 1:30 (just glad they didn't have this cam 2 years ago when this was my Saturday night 4th meal).

And that's about it.