Friday, August 5, 2011

Paralyzed Man Crashes ATV after Driving Using PVC Pipes

— A 30-year-old paralyzed man has charges pending against him after he was involved in a wreck that injured two young children. Shannon R. Majors of Panama City was driving a 2010 Carbide 150cc ATV along the clearing beneath a series of power lines. Majors is paralyzed so he used a PVC pipe to operate the gas and brake pedals of the vehicle. At some point, according to a Florida Highway Patrol press release, the vehicle overturned and rolled onto the left side. Majors suffered serious injuries and was taken to Gulf Coast Hospital. The two boys sustained minor injuries.

I think blaming this on his paraplegism is a bit premature, I mean this is an ATV we're talking about. How many functional legged people roll over their ATV's a week 30? 40? It just goes with the territory,  no? Can't see how it has anything to do with the PVC pipe driving mechanism this guy rigged up....

Personally I've always been confused as to why we drive with our feet anyway, call me crazy but I just think I'm more coordinated with hands than my feet. I don't know who the first person was that decided we'd control these death traps with our feet, but I'd imagine he wasn't exactly the brightest person on earth.  

This guy was just making his best efforts to rectify a long outdated situation with a creative new solution. You can't hate on that.

PS: Very curious what "serious injuries" constitute for a previously paralyzed guy...It'd be hilarious if the Doc attending to him didn't know about the pre-existing condition and broke the news all over again to him that he'd never walk, someone needs to get that on candid camera.