Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom Shows Children Pics of Herself Getting Banged

OCALA, Fla., April 14 (UPI) -- A Florida woman accused of showing her 11- and 12-year-old sons photos of herself having sex was charged with lewd and lustful molestation, authorities said.  During the investigation, one of the boys told a DCF investigator his mother had shown him photographs on the computer of her engaged in sex acts with men, the arrest report said. The boy alleged his mother then rubbed his inner thigh and asked him, "Do you want to try this when you get older?" the arrest report said. The boy's brother told the investigator a similar story, the report said. Marion County Sheriff's Inspector Mike Mongeluzzo later searched the home and seized CDs, DVDs and other electronics, but found the alleged photos were deleted during the earlier DCB investigation, the newspaper said. Holloman called the accusations "absurd" creations from the woman's "overly possessive former spouse" and said the boys admitted their father had told them what to say.

These poor kids, sorry to say this but they are in for a life of crime.  And not like they just stole a snickers bar from the convenience store or anything.  I'm talking heavy drug use and probable rape/murder.  There's just no getting around it at this point.  Put these kids on a watch list today and spare the rest of society.  I feel terrible saying it but they literally have no chance.

This isn't like they just stumbled onto mom and dad's sex tape or polaroid collection.  This mom legit opened up some .jpeg files or her getting plowed by "men," implying that their Dad wasn't the only dude getting in on the fun.  And not only did she show them it, but she encouraged a sexual response rubbing their thighs while showing them. I've seen enough horror films and thrillers to know that this is exactly how a crazed killer gets their start and I'm legit scared for the residents of Ocala, Fla because of these kids now.