Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boston Subway Catches Fire During Rush Hour, Commuters Act Like it's No Big Deal

Boston Globe - More than 200 people were evacuated this afternoon from a six-car Orange Line train after a grease fire broke out in a tunnel near the Chinatown station, the Boston Fire Department said. Firefighters responded at 3:02 p.m. to a report of a fire involving a train just outside the station, said department spokesman Steve MacDonald. Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Finn said at the scene that grease had accumulated in the track area and when a train passed over it, it sparked a small but very smoky fire 100 feet before the Chinatown station. The fire was extinguished with two carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, he said. No one was injured as 225 passengers were evacuated, said MacDonald.

Here's my thing, why are you having to be told to evacuate the subway if there is a frigen fire in the tunnel? Go take a bus people!  Do you see that pic, people just hanging out like it's no big deal, like they deal with grease fire smoke on the subway on a regular basis.  There's a goddamn grease fire like 300 yards away, I'd be fleeing the tunnel running for my life, arms flailing.  In contrast you have these battle hardened public transportation veterans who've seen just about everything they can see I guess.  Grease fires, muggings, the occasional groper, and the asian ladies who bring live poultry on the train in their shopping carts.  Nothing phases these people.  Worries about smoke inhalation and possible terrorism fears be damned, they're not missing the next train, doesn't matter if the caboose is a-flame, just another day on the Boston MBTA.